Committed to our clients

Compassion is listening to our clients and remembering that they are real people with real problems. A full recovery for personal injury and wrongful death victims depends upon many factors including the recovery of fair compensation to pay for the medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and other required expenses to help get you and your family back on track.

Our commitment to clients includes but not limited to:

  • Hospital and/or home visits.
  • Arranging for medical care even if the client has no insurance or can’t afford it.
  • Coordinating medical doctors with anatomical artists to create graphics that demonstrate the devastating effects of injury and the horrific surgeries required to repair such injuries.
  • Arranging for grievance counseling.
  • Arranging neurological testing for brain injured individuals.
  • Locating life care planners to estimate the cost of brain injury, severe burns, amputations and paralysis.
  • Locating nationally recognized experts who can testify concerning the impact of injuries caused by drunk drivers.
  • Locating experts who can explain the legal duties of bars and restaurant owners in the service of alcohol.
  • Locating, preparing and presenting witnesses like employers, supervisors, co-workers, teachers, clergy, family and friends who can testify to the devastating effects the injury has had upon the victim and the victim’s family.
  • Arranging for transportation to medical appointments.
  • Referral of clients to resources for handling social security and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Sometimes just listening.